Sodium Bifluoride

Sodium Bifluoride

Molecular Formula: NaHF₂
CAS No. : 1333-83-1
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25 kg, jumbo bags


1) Surface Treatment: In pest control and insect proofing agent for leather
: Manufacturing of Sodium Free Flux
2) Neutrilizing agent: It is produced from high quality raw material and is mainly used as a neutralizing agent in diverse industries.
3) Water Treatment : Sodium Bifluoride is the standard compound by which other water fluoridation compounds are gauged, hexafluorosilicic acid and its salt sodium hexafluorosilicate are more commonly used additives.
4) Precursor to sodium fluoride.
5) Textile & laundry: Cleaning agents and laundry sours & removal of iron rust.

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Items Unit Standards
Content ( NaHF2) %min 98
H2SiF6 %max 0.32
Water Insoluble Matter %max 0.2
Moisture %max 0.3
Granularity : 325 mesh %max 3